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IV Sedation Specialist

South Indy Dental

William Johnson, DDS

General Dentistry & Cosmetic & Sedation Dentist located in INDIANAPOLIS, IN

According to a recent survey, nearly one-third of Americans avoid visiting the dentist out of fear. The South Indy Dental team understands that a dental visit can spark anxiety in many patients, which is why they offer IV sedation at their office in Indianapolis. IV sedation helps you relax and let go of your dental anxiety during your appointment. South Indy Dental’s William Johnson, DDS, is one of the only general dentists in Indiana with a general anesthesia and deep sedation license. To learn more about the benefits of IV sedation, call or book an appointment online.

IV Sedation Q & A

What is IV sedation?

Negative experiences with dentists in the past or a general fear of pain and discomfort can make you feel uneasy about visiting a dentist now. It takes time to recover from a dental phobia, but IV sedation provides the relaxation you need to keep up with your dental care. Often called sleep dentistry, IV sedation allows Dr. Johnson to inject you with a sedative, so you can relax while he performs your dental procedure.

Why should I choose IV sedation?

If you have a fear of needles, pain, or the dentist, IV sedation can help you calm your racing thoughts and take your mind off of any discomfort during your visit. It’s a great option because:

  • IV sedation works quickly
  • The sleepy feeling makes you less conscious of the procedure
  • Minimizes gaging issues
  • Promotes deeper relaxation than oral sedatives or nitrous oxide

Extreme dental phobias can prevent you from getting the dental care you need. Even a few skipped teeth cleanings can set you up for tooth decay, gum disease, and infection, which may lead to more extensive dental work in the future.

Not only does IV sedation help you get the care you need now, it also gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your dentist that’s based on trust, rather than fear.

What happens during IV sedation?

Dr. Johnson recommends avoiding food and drinks at least eight hours before your visit. If you’re scared of needles, there’s no need to worry. Before inserting the IV, the team gives you numbing cream, so you can’t feel the needle going in.

While you may be in and out of consciousness, you won’t completely fall asleep during IV sedation. Most patients feel as if no time had passed by the end of their procedure. After your appointment, you’ll probably feel groggy, so make sure to coordinate with a friend or relative to drive you home.

IV sedation is a safe way to help you overcome your dental anxieties. Call South Indy Dental or schedule an appointment online to learn more.